Sweet Dreams 9

Sweet Dreams 9 is a hybrid mattress providing a firm high-density foam between pad and cover. The mattresses have been manufactured in-house and undergo a thorough 5-stage quality check considering the science of sleep. The 2” soft organic bamboo quilted cover adds a premium look to the mattress. Besides, dense cotton padding provides optimal levels of firmness, coolness, breathability, and comfort for an amazing sleeping experience. Moreover, Orthopedic construction makes it possible to provide true comfort and spine support for improved body alignment. The 704 innerspring coil count with zonal support transition layer deliver more firmness for greater support to the heaviest part of the body. Along with this mattress also comes with a firm high-density foam between pad and cover for the desired comfort.

Sweet Dreams 9 also comes a softer part to provide adequate support to the lighter parts of the body. The mattress thickness can be customized depending upon your preference, and you can ask to customize the thickness from 13” to 14”. There is a 13 ½ gauge, high-quality Bonnel coil innerspring to remove the pressure points by contouring and to assume the body shape. The springs of the mattress come with 15 years of guarantee.