Sweet Dreams 8

Sweet Dream 8 is a perfect fit for the people seeking the best sleep-promoting mattress with dense padding. The mattress comes with a firm high-density foam between pad and cover to deliver uninterrupted sleeping experience. There is a pillow top with gel Visco-Elastic memory foam that makes entire body alignment much more comfortable for users. With the mattress, you will get 3 comfort levels of high-density foam that are customizable from soft to firm depending upon your preference. Besides, there is a 2” soft organic bamboo quilted tack-and-jump cover provided with the mattress. The 704 innerspring coil makes it possible to add more significant independent movement for a long deep sleep.

Sweet dream 8 is heavy cotton padding mattress build with the aim to deliver an unrivaled sleeping experience every time you step up your bed. The mattress has a 13 ½ gauge paired with high-quality Bonnell coil innerspring. This mattress comes with Orthopedic construction to improve your body posture by supporting joints and bones. The thickness of this premium quality mattress can be customized between 13” to 14,” according to your requirement. The foundation of the mattress can also be customized between 2” to 9” depending upon your preference.