Sweet Dreams 4

Sweet Dreams 4 features a striking balance between the foundation, core and comfort layers. Its foundation is made from heavy padding which gives a solid structure to the mattress. The core of this mattress houses a 13 1/2 gauge high-quality Bonnel coils innersprings, 336 counts, arranged in an efficient design. These thick coils enhance the sleeping experience of the user significantly. The comfort layer of this mattress comprises heavy cotton padding, which is accompanied by firm high-density foam. The mattress is provided with a quilted organic cotton cover on each side, which provides a luxurious experience to the users.

Sweet Dreams 4 is an ideal choice for people who require a orthopedic construction mattress for dealing with their never-ending pain and pressure points. An additional firm foam layer is provided over the mattress which makes it more supportive and comfortable. This layer keeps the users away from the hassles of springy feels and motion disturbances. This mattress reinforces its edges within a fraction of a second and prevents the users from feeling the sinking effect. You can opt for twin, full, queen or king size mattress or even choose to get it customized according to the size of your bed.