Sweet Dreams 3

Sweet Dreams 3 is a plush innerspring mattress designed for accommodating various sleeping preferences for users. This mattress comprises a soft foam padding perfectly wrapped inside high-density cotton padding. The ideal placement of Bonnel coil innersprings between the comfort layer and heavy padding offers a firm setting for people suffering from the intense pain of pressure points. The differential design of this mattress plays a crucial role in providing the right balance of comfort and support.

The quilted organic cotton covers on each side of the mattress promote a natural, healthy and comfortable sleep environment. They create an inviting ambiance and improve the breathability and temperature regulation capability of the mattress. The luxurious touch, responsive nature, and bouncy feel of this mattress provides added comfort. Its orthopedic construction offers a convenient cushioning for spinal alignment without sacrificing the comfort of the user.

This mattress is a suitable option for people who want a durable product in a budget-friendly range. The 15-year warranty on springs of this mattress makes it a very popular option for guest rooms, dorms and children’s bedrooms. Its foundation can also be customized between 2” and 9” as per the needs of the users.

Measuring a Wooden Bed

If you have intruding corner posts, blocks, curved footboard, I will send some sketches about measurement points.

Unsure? Send us photos
Measuring the Width:
Measuring the Length:
Measuring the height you need:
Unsure? Send us photos

Photos to shoot and send to linda@antiquebedmattress.com or text them to (713) 858-6238:

  1. Stand inside the foot and shoot up toward the headboard, including the side boards in the shot.

  2.  Stand inside the head and shoot down toward the footboard, including the side boards in the shot.

  3.  Stand over one of the head corners and shoot straight down [assuming both corners are the same].

  4.  Stand over one of the foot corners and shoot straight down [assuming both corners are the same].

USE STIFF METAL TAPE TO MEASURE, PREFERABLY WITH TWO PEOPLE.  MAKE EXACT MEASUREMENTS.  The purpose is to get the exact dimensions of the narrowest points to ensure proper fit.

Measuring the Width:

Measure the length of the board under the headboard:____”

  1. Measure the width exactly between the vertical parts of the L brackets and give the narrowest: ____”

Measuring the Length:

Measure the length of the side board:____”

  1. Measure between the headboard and the footboard near the right edge:___”

  2. Measure between the headboard and the footboard near the left edge:___” [to make sure that it’s square]

Measuring the height you need:
  1. Measure the distance between the floor and the point on the headboard where you want the top of the mattress to come.  Usually, it’s between 23” and 25”, but some folks want it higher:___”
  2. Measure the distance between the floor and the top of the slats: ___”

When you subtract the smaller number, what remains is the thickness you have available for a mattress or set.

Vashti C.

Houston, TX

Hi David,

I got my mattress and box spring yesterday and it fits wonderfully. It’s the height we wanted and it’s actually very pretty.

Thanks again. I’m planning on buying another antique bed so I’m sure you’ll hear from me again.

Sweet Dreams 3   Vashti C.   Houston, TX

Toni L.

Houston, TX

David and Linda,

I am remiss… the mattress and box spring arrived on time, your driver called ahead and it was exactly as ordered, right down to my wicked custom tag. Thank you so very much for being such good, honest business people and for being so kind. I will call after I get my “pad” set up about coming down to see you in New Ulm. Thank you again. If you ever need a recommendation from a hard-sell client, please send that person my way.

Sweet Dreams 1   Toni L.   Houston, TX

Pat S.

Atchison, TX

The beautiful mattresses arrived this afternoon, and they are perfect. The height is just right for sitting, and I’m sure I’ll be napping there some day soon. I have to figure out a cover that will take my 75 lb. dog and be waterproof. My daughter is coming to visit soon, and she will have a picnic picking out material for the covers. I do thank you and would love to meet you all some day. The longhorn steer caught my curiosity, and the pictures of Lily Ponds Cottage look very inviting. Thanks again for a job well done.

Sweet Dreams 1   Pat S.   Atchison, TX

Kellie L.

Jefferson, LA

Hello, David.

Mattress was delivered yesterday, it is great! comfortable and a perfect fit, thank you both for all your help. Will forward pictures!

Sweet Dreams 1   Kellie L.   Jefferson, LA

Natalie E.

Wayne, PA

Hello Linda,

Yes, I am very happy with the mattress set! The size is absolutely perfect (48" x 72" ) for my three quarter rope bed, and I love the firmness. I made the right choice.

Thank you.
Sweet Dreams 1   Natalie E.   Wayne, PA

Joseph P.

Columbiaville, NY

Linda -
The mattress did arrive safely and it's perfect. Thanks!

Sweet Dreams 1   Joseph P.   Columbiaville, NY

Beth H.

Washington, D.C.

Thanks so much for your help with this order. Hugh loves his new "big boy bed." And we're delighted with the quality--the mattress is a perfect fit and very comfortable.

It was a pleasure doing business with you! Happy New Year,

Sweet Dreams 1   Beth H.   Washington, D.C.

Marcy H.

Austin, TX


Rudy found us just fine and all is well. Mattress delivered, fits perfectly and feels good! Thanks again for the speedy service and customized care.

Sweet Dreams 1   Marcy H.   Austin, TX

Cheryl and Jim

Haddon Township, NJ

Dear David and Linda,

Mattress set is finally on our Jenny Lind bed and fits perfectly!
Thanks again.

Sweet Dreams 1   Cheryl and Jim   Haddon Township, NJ

Donna G.

Calhoun, GA

I just wanted to tell you, I have received my mattress and am so pleased. It has been a true pleasure doing business with you. I can't thank you enough for the speedy service. I'm sorry I put pressure on you to get this made and sent to me on such short notice, but you had it here right on time. It was a absolutely perfect fit. I can't say enough about how great a service you have provided. Just know that I'm 100% satisfied.

Thanks again,
Sweet Dreams 1   Donna G.   Calhoun, GA

Ann M.

Aransas Pass, TX

The mattress arrived in great shape, on time and fits perfectly. My granddaughter says it is very comfortable. Thanks so much for the excellent service.

Sweet Dreams 1   Ann M.   Aransas Pass, TX

Vale & Mark C.

San Francisco, CA

Hi David,

We received our new mattress yesterday, and we love it! It fits Perfectly!!! My son likes his new Big Boy Bed and is napping there right now. I’m attaching a photo so you can see. Thanks again, and we will definitely be referring all our friends to you!

Sweet Dreams 2   Vale & Mark C.   San Francisco, CA

Steve B.

Harahan, LA

Received the mattress last week. Fits bed great. Double fitted sheet fits good also. Comfortable. Very happy with it. Thanks. I will continue to recommend you to others with antique beds in our area. The several I have given your info to so far all say their beds have not yet been restored, but will order from you when ready for a mattress.

Sweet Dreams 2   Steve B.   Harahan, LA

Brian & Laura J.

Half Moon Bay, CA

Hello David, Linda -

First of all, thank you very much for all of your work on our wonderful new mattresses. Both antique beds are now made up and ready for our guests this weekend. We are delighted!

You spent so much time helping us get that order just right, and your time and excellent product are both very much appreciated.

Sweet Dreams 2   Brian & Laura J.   Half Moon Bay, CA

Casey de L.

San Clemente, CA

Part 1:
I am so excited as I know my daughter will be when we receive the mattress..
Thanks again for your help and patience as I fumbled through the measuring process..it has been a real pleasure working with you..and if we ever head to Texas and we might..I will make a point of visiting you personally.

Kindest regards,

Part 2:
We received the bed last week and it fits perfectly.., my daughter loves it especially having her name on it..very nice touch..Thank you sooooooooooo much..
The only problem was with the delivery..I wasn't aware the delivery charge was just to leave it curbside....I guess I should have asked..I am just happy it was light enough for me to carry 🙂 next time I order a large item on line I will make sure the delivery charge includes set up and the removal of the packing material..
Thanks again you were wonderful to work with.

Kindest regards,
Sweet Dreams 2   Casey de L.   San Clemente, CA

Lynne J.

Houston, TX


Thanks for your help. The bed looks great!
Sweet Dreams 2   Lynne J.   Houston, TX

Cheryl R.

Austin, TX


The mattress arrived safely yesterday, fits the bed perfectly. It's for my extra guest room so can't wait for someone to use it.

Thanks for all your help.
Sweet Dreams 2   Cheryl R.   Austin, TX

Mindy and Jerry S.

Klamath Falls, OR

Dear Linda,
The mattress and foundation arrived today. Though one of the boxes had a large hole punched into it, there was no damage to its contents. They are now on the bed and work and feel fine.

Thank You,
Sweet Dreams 2   Mindy and Jerry S.   Klamath Falls, OR

Homoiselle B.

Houston, TX

Dear David,

Just thought you'd like to know that the set you made for us fits perfectly. Also, I think it is very high quality. Best of all, my 16-year-old son loves it! He went to bed earlier than he has in 6 months just to try it out, and the next morning, he said, "Mom, I love my new mattress!" So we are delighted! Thanks again, especially for the fast turn-around time.

Sweet Dreams 3   Homoiselle B.   Houston, TX

Robert O.

Fairfax, VA

Mimi says the matresses and foundations are "PERFECT"!

Thanks for your help.
Sweet Dreams 3   Robert O.   Fairfax, VA

Laura J.

Dover, DEL

I was SOOO excited when Roadway called to set up delivery. It was delivered this morning and fits beautifully. I like the mattress better than the one on my King bed!

Merry Christmas Santa!
Sweet Dreams 3   Laura J.   Dover, DEL

Sydney Y.

Lovettsville, VA

Hi, David!

Thank you again for getting back to me so quickly. You have the BEST customer service! I'm even giving your information to an antique dealer in Virginia with whom I do a lot of business. The quote for the mattress set and shipping is perfect! Please go ahead with the order. Thanks so much, David! Once again, your quick and attentive service has exceeded my expectations! I wouldn't go anywhere else for mattresses!

Sweet Dreams 4   Sydney Y.   Lovettsville, VA

Susan Y.

W. Hartford, CT

Dear David,

Our mattress arrived the following week, Wed. Dec. 1. I just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with it! It is a perfect fit for the bed--just the right depth--and my daughter finds it very comfortable. Thank you for making it softer; any harder and she would have been unhappy with the results. I was hesitant to order from an unknown company over the web, but I am very pleased with the results. Thank you very much, excellent product.

Sweet Dreams 5   Susan Y.   W. Hartford, CT

Joyce W

Cumming, GA


I just wanted to let you know that I got the mattress and foundation on Wed. the 12th. It was PERFECT!! I am very satisfied with the results. You knew exactly what it needed to be and look like on the bed. I will send pictures of the end product when I figure out the camera!

Sweet Dreams 6   Joyce W   Cumming, GA

Juliette C.

Spring, TX

Hi, Linda,

I picked up the mattresses yesterday, and they looked really pretty. The girls slept like two little angels last night! They were both very excited yesterday, helping me make up the beds. Thanks very much for helping me! My husband and I both loved the personalized labels….they are a very nice touch. We’ll certainly tell everyone about your company!

Sweet Dreams 7   Juliette C.   Spring, TX

Don C.

Burbank, CA

Hi David,

Just to let you know the mattress set arrived and it fits perfectly! Thanks. Really comfortable as well.
Sorry I didn't contact you sooner but after it arrived I had repairs to make to the dresser which came with the bed so got busy doing that.

Sweet Dreams 8   Don C.   Burbank, CA

Carla E.

Waterford, NY


Thanks for the update. If you ever need references, feel free to use me as one...especially in the NY area! My daughter Jami is so excited to have her "antique bedroom". She has family heirlooms from a variety a family members and they are displayed nicely in the room.

Thanks again,
Tranquil Dreams   Carla E.   Waterford, NY

Jody & Wayne K.

Scherville, IN

Hi Linda & David,

Our mattress was delivered last week, and needless to say, it is wonderful. Your instructions made ordering so easy, and it fit perfectly. My used to be storage room is now a full fledged guest room. Thank you so much for your help in this. Please use our name if you need any recommendations.

Celestial Dreams   Jody & Wayne K.   Scherville, IN


Hi Linda and David,

I just wanted to let you know that the mattress set is perfect!
It made the trip to La. without incident and it fit the bed perfectly.

Thank you very much for great customer service.
Best Regards,

Gina and Tom

Houston, Texas

Dear David and Linda,

Our mattress arrived and we love it. It is perfect! We appreciate your business and your customer service – you provide a great product.

We knew we needed a new mattress but until you sleep on the new one – we really needed a new mattress. We have a French antique bed from the 1890’s – and I kept putting off the task of looking for someone to make us a mattress. I am so glad we found you!

The quality of the product is great and we really appreciated the great service.

Best Regards,
Gina and Tom – Houston, Texas


Dear Linda & David,

I accepted delivery on my Sweet Dreams II mattress & box springs on April 9, 2010. They fit perfectly and they look awesome. It was just one week to the day from the day I ordered them to delivery. I was very nervous ordering something online without seeing the product first hand, but this time it paid off. It was very nice working with both of you.


Tony Lentini

Hi, Linda,

You bet I am still enjoying my mattresses! You know, I counted them up and realize I have bought about nine mattresses from you--three for my house in town and the rest for a house I built on the San Bernard River (alas, I lost that in my divorce). One of these days, I will take you up on the offer to visit in New Ulm. But regardless, I am delighted to provide the following testimonial:

I have purchased a total of nine mattresses from Antique Bed Mattress, owned by Linda and David Behrend. Several of these were odd-shape or -size mattresses because they were for antique beds. I was impressed with my very first order, for the following reasons:

1. The mattress quality was excellent;
2. The comfort was outstanding;
3. The orders were complete and correct;
4. They did everything they said they would, delivering on time (actually, they were early) and calling en route to ensure that I was fully notified of the delivery time, and then setting up the new mattresses and picking up all packing material before the delivery crew left; and
5. The price was right and you get a great product for your money.

I have since ordered six additional mattresses from Linda and David for a second home I built. The experience with these mattresses was just as delightful as the first time I placed an order.

I highly recommend Antique Bed Mattress. It is rare these days to find people and companies who deliver on their promises, and Linda and David do. I ordered my first mattresses from them about 10 years ago and have been delighted to provide recommendations ever since. They do great work and are great people.

Tony Lentini


Dear Linda, Mattress fits perfectly-yay! Thank you so much!!!


The mattress and box spring arrived yesterday via Roadway in perfect shape. The driver was a big help in getting them out of the shipping boxes and into the basement hall without all the packing materials. Will call Roadway and tell them what a nice guy he was!! The mattress and box spring fit perfectly and are in place in our bedroom-haven't put the sheets on yet but it's wonderful being back in there looking like a room instead of a work site! Thank you both very much for a job well done-we're very happy!


Ginger Anderson


Just wanted to let you know we picked up the mattress successfully on Thursday and transported it home in a covered U-Haul trailer. Thanks so much to David for his message about the weather - we had already just about decided on a trailer when he called. The mattress is at home on my antique bed tonight and fits perfectly. I want to thank you for all your help with this and I know some little grandchildren who are going to be enjoying this bed for a long time! I will certainly recommend your company to anyone I know that is looking for a mattress for an antique bed.

Thanks again!
Ginger Anderson

The Murphys


The delivery was made this morning, and the bed is set up! Grandjane has somewhere to sleep! LOL! It fits and looks great! Thanks for the excellent service and delivery. Have a Merry Christmas!

Thanks again,
The Murphys

Kristin Gilmore


I received Charlotte's mattress, it is perfect!!! I will recomend your business to all my friends that need a special sized mattress.

Thank you for everything!

Kristin Gilmore

.... please use my note! I was so nervous ordering a custom mattress over the internet. You guys made it a great experience with your helpful advice and honest feedback!


Carlie Williams

The mattress is lovely. The biggest vote of approval comes from her dogs who no longer desert her room at 3 am to come into ours (and annoy us mightily). They are very happy to stay with her all night now. She is also very happy, but a teenager - so she would never admit it.

Carlie Williams

...feel free to use the words! And you can be sure I will recommend you (maybe not the delivery guys -- they trashed the box it came in with a forklift or something. Fortunately you had it wrapped well enough the mattress was fine.


Julie Fowler

Just wanted to let you know that I received the mattress yesterday. It fits on the frame perfect and my daughter said that she had a great night sleep. She was also very impressed with the personalization.

Thanks again...it was a pleasure doing business with you!
Julie Fowler



I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that the mattress and box spring that you built for me are perfect both in size and comfort. They are on a bed in a a ranch house that is 109 years old. The house is near Sheridan Wyoming

I have slept on the bed personally and have now made it the only bed I sleep on when I am at the ranch.

Thank you again for your service and your fine product. I will reference you any time.


Olga and Roger

Waters, New York

Dear David,

We received the mattress and are very pleased with the service, the mattress is comfortable and it fits perfectly! Thank you very much, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Very satisfied customer.
Olga and Roger Waters, New York


Received shipment at 2:00 today and both the foundation and mattress are PERFECT!

Thank you so much!

Jane & Carl

Converse, TX


Mattress was delivered as scheduled. It is a perfect addition to the antique bed built by my wife’s Grandpa over 100 years ago. Bed has been in storage and without a mattress for 40 years. Now it is functional again and looks great thanks to the new mattress!

Thanks for your assistance and for making my wife very happy.

Jane & Carl in Converse, TX

[Sweet Dreams 2]



Hey Linda! we received the mattress this week! Thank you very much! It's exactly what we wanted.


[Sweet Dreams 18 custom high performance foam]


Catonsville, MD

One giant smile..! Lots of bouncing. See attached...hard to photograph that level of happy!

Thanks again!!!

Margaret in Catonsville, MD

[Sweet Dreams 1 ]

Sarah and Matt

Bothell, WA

Hi Linda,

The mattress arrived this week, and we've finally gotten it all set up - it's fabulous!

I was shocked yesterday when I went upstairs to check on my eight year old, and she had crawled into bed, pulled up the covers and had fallen asleep in the middle of the afternoon!

Thank you so much for all of the time and energy you put into this project. We really appreciate your communication and attention to detail, resulting in a great product.

With gratitude,
Sarah and Matt in Bothell, WA

[Sweet Dreams 3]


Plugerville, TX

Hi Linda...

I just wanted to let you know that the mattress set arrived this afternoon in PERFECT condition. There was one tear in the mattress box that revealed a 5" section of the mattress bottom which I pointed out to the very nice man who delivered the mattress. He opened the tear further and I could see that it was only in the cardboard and that there was no damage to the mattress.

My husband had just taken his dad to the docs, so I was home alone when it arrived. I was so excited, I moved the boxes to the bedroom and unpacked them myself, and made up the bed. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS MATTRESS SET IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT... the fit, the height, the combination firmness/yet softness, and the looks! As you can see from the photos, the cushioned circles in the pillowtop that I was concerned about can't even be seen when the bed's made up! I hate to wish my life away, but today, I can't wait for bedtime!! I just know we'll sleep like we're on a cloud!

I can't thank you enough for showing Bob and me the choices at your Bluebonnet location. I will definitely recommend your firm to everyone I know who's in the market for a new mattress. I KNOW THAT I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER WITH BOTH THE PERSONABLE SERVICE AND !!

You're an angel, Linda... not only for giving us a more restful sleep, but for the rescue work you do for the animals. I recently came across this quote and couldn't help but think of you.


June in Plugerville, TX

[Sweet Dreams 7]


Pueblo, CO


Thank you so much for all of your help. The bed came on Friday, everything is perfect. Isabella loves it!

Therese in Pueblo, CO

[Sweet Dreams 3 with notched corners]


Seabrook, TX

Mattress was delivered. It fits perfectly and looks great! Thanks for all your help.

Barbara in Seabrook, TX

[Sweet Dreams 1]



That works!

You're not only by far the awesomest to work with out of all the custom mattress companies I found, you also have the lowest price!

Matt in Illinois

Steve H

Atlanta GA

Recently I retrieved a very old bed from my parent's attic. The mattress/box-springs that my antique dealer mother had custom-made for it decades ago was long gone. So I got on the internet, found these folks and gave 'em a call. Linda was very knowledgeable and helped guide me through the somewhat tricky task of gathering the custom measurements. A little over three weeks later we received the mattress and box-springs without incident and I am pleased to report that the it's a perfect fit! And I might add, very comfortable. We are very happy, and recommend them highly.

Steve H, Atlanta GA


Dear Linda,

We received your mattress yesterday and we enjoyed the best night's rest we have had in a long time. Everything about your business and product is truly first rate. Congratulations and thanks.


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