Sweet Dreams 3

weet Dreams 3 is a plush innerspring mattress designed for accommodating various sleeping preferences for users. This mattress comprises a soft foam padding perfectly wrapped inside high-density cotton padding. The ideal placement of Bonnel coil innersprings between the comfort layer and heavy padding offers a firm setting for people suffering from the intense pain of pressure points. The differential design of this mattress plays a crucial role in providing the right balance of comfort and support.

The quilted organic cotton covers on each side of the mattress promote a natural, healthy and comfortable sleep environment. They create an inviting ambiance and improve the breathability and temperature regulation capability of the mattress. The luxurious touch, responsive nature, and bouncy feel of this mattress provides added comfort. Its orthopedic construction offers a convenient cushioning for spinal alignment without sacrificing the comfort of the user.

This mattress is a suitable option for people who want a durable product in a budget-friendly range. The 15-year warranty on springs of this mattress makes it a very popular option for guest rooms, dorms and children’s bedrooms. Its foundation can also be customized between 2” and 9” as per the needs of the users.