Sweet Dreams 17

Sweet Dreams 17 is a premium quality mattress build with high-density foam for quality sleeping comfort. This mattress is perfect for the people either traveling or need to shift their mattress frequently. You can get the mattress in the size as thin as 3”, which makes it is possible to flip the mattress easily. The high-quality foam has been used to make this mattress, which allows to customize it from very soft to very firm. Besides you can also customize the foam softness like adding 2” of soft foam over the 5” of the firm foam layer. With the foam customization, you can choose your own comfort level.

Sweet Dreams 17 comes with all the features required to enhance your sleeping experience. To minimize disturbance during night sleep, the mattress uses the movement control technique. With the use of this technology, you can move freely over the mattress without the fear of disturbing your partner. Along with this, the mattress has been designed on the basis of sleep technology to improve your deep sleep time. The foundation of the mattress can be customized anywhere between 2” to 9” depending upon your requirement.