Sweet Dreams 16

Sweet Dreams 16 is an 11” thick mattress that comes with 3” of top-quality 5 lb Visco Memory foam. Each and every material used to build the mattress has been hand-picked by our experts to assure the best sleeping experience. The people expecting extra comfort and cozy sensation from mattress need to try this one. Besides, the Memory foam allows the mattress to read the human body accordingly and adjust the layers to provide quality comfort. After the sleeper rises of the bed, it returns back to its shape. With the help of 8” strong base, it holds dense padding across multiple layers to support all the body parts in contact with the mattress. To offer heat-sensitive response, Memory foam can be infused with gel for an additional cost that will keep the surface cool by maintaining the sufficient airflow between your body and the bed.

Sweet Dream 16 is one of the top-notch mattresses that we offer for delivering perfect night sleep experience. The heavy padded foam with high resilience adds support for each body part individually following your movements. Besides, the Bonnell springs along with a layer of soft filling, deliver the required support and comfort for your good night’s sleep.