Sweet Dreams 11

Sweet Dreams 11 is a premium-quality mattress handcrafted with soft, blended latex over a firm, foam-encased with a pocketed inner coil spring system. With the perfect motion damping technology, our experts have made this mattress perfectly suitable for couples. The 660 innerspring coil base provides very firm support to the upper part of the body. The soft layers having pressure points for your shoulders and hips keep you comfortable all night long. Besides, the flexible firmness level of mattress makes it a perfect platform for almost all sleeping positions. Heavy cotton padding is also added to the mattress for keeping it feather like soft. The mattress also comes with Koyla double pillow top for extra comfort to your neck and upper body part.

Sweet Dreams 11 is built using multiple techniques where various technology work together to provide a soft, comforting, and long night sleep. Along with the necessary features to ensure uninterrupted sleep, it also provides spine support by distributing your body weight uniformly.Orthopedic construction has also taken into consideration while designing the mattress for delivering uniform support through the body. The thickness of the mattress can be customized between 13” to 14” depending upon your requirement. You can also get the desired foundation of the mattress between 2” to 9”.