Sweet Dreams 1

Made with heavy duty cotton padding and uses internally supporting metal springs for enabling a peaceful and pressure free sleep. The high quality Bonnel coil innersprings used in this mattress provide a quality back support system. It is highly durable, supportive, and budget-friendly in nature. The springiness and bounce of this mattress provides a relaxing experience. It easily conforms to the body shape of the user and allows proper positioning of spine due to its efficient distribution of innersprings.

It comes with a comfort layer of cotton and quilted cotton damask cover on each side, which provides soft luxurious feeling to the user. The internal layering of innerspring and cotton padding has been done to provide support and comfort for the convenience and relaxation of user. Shifting positions is easy due to the efficient mattress design. It is an excellent option for providing comfort for people who have a habit of sleeping on their back, side and tummy for prolonged periods of time.

The mattress can even be customized according to specific client requirements. The foundation sizing can be set to anything between 2” and 9” for exactly fitting the bed. Choose the right size to get a comfortable and supportive sleep surface!