5 things to know before you set foot in a custom mattress shop

By Antique Bed Mattress | September 30, 2019

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, have clearly never given custom-built mattresses a try. Nothing can put on a price on a good night’s sleep, but if the journey to your dreamland is rocky and uncomfortable, you might just end up having to battle a bad case of insomnia and back pain. The comfort and […]

4 Must-Follow Tips For the Maintenance of Antique Beds

By Antique Bed Mattress | September 26, 2019

Regular maintenance of furniture is essential to preserve their beauty for a long time. When you handle them with special care, old furniture like antique beds look as good as new but the maintenance techniques used for antique furniture are very different from the ones used for modern furniture. Consequently, to repair or maintain antique […]

Why Custom Mattresses will Always be Better Than Standard Mattresses?

By Antique Bed Mattress | September 24, 2019

Wake up in the morning and you hardly want to let go of your bed! We’ve all had days when we’d go through the day reminiscing our snug bed, the comfy plush mattress underneath feeling like melted butter under our stressed fatigued body. However, imagine if the same bed that beckons you early morning became […]