Get a Custom Mattress to Perfectly Fit Your Antique Bed

By Antique Bed Mattress | January 21, 2020

Because the traditional three quarter or 3/4 beds were quite popular in the 19thcentury, they are still in use by many people. Though they look fantastic and are a great choice to add charm and sophistication to the interiors, one major problem with these antique beds is their abnormal size. They are usually 48″ wide […]

4 Tell-Tale Signs You Need To Replace Your Mattress

By Antique Bed Mattress | January 17, 2020

Nobody likes sleeping on a sagging mattress, and it is a special pain the neck (sometimes quite literally) when you spend more than a third of your life in bed. Noticing signs of wear and tear on a mattress is not easy because you are so used to it. It is also difficult to understand […]

Mattress Problem with Antique Beds and the Solution

By Antique Bed Mattress | December 13, 2019

Antique beds have frames in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so it’s common for buyers to face some challenges using them, most prominent being—finding the right size mattress for the bed! Because of the size of the bed frame, a simple standard mattress is, unfortunately, not the ideal fit. When you want to use […]

Customizing Comfort in your Contemporary Bedroom

By Antique Bed Mattress | December 6, 2019

So, this is the fifth night that you lay awake in your old, clumpy mattress blaming all the unpleasantries of the day for your sleeplessness. By now we are no longer strangers to the potent impact of a healthy night’s sleep and yet we choose to hang on to the same old, withering mattress, wondering […]

How to select the right mattress for your antique bed frame?

By Antique Bed Mattress | November 27, 2019

If you’re anything like us, you too have a fine appreciation for all things vintage. From that spectacular heirloom sofa set to the snug-fit antique bed, your collection of vintage is really worth a jaw-drop. However, there’s a downside to being an antique-furniture lover. We are not talking about hefty maintenance or durability, but rather […]

3 Questions to Ask when Custom Designing a mattress for an antique bed

By Antique Bed Mattress | November 20, 2019

Modern-day beds’ average headboards height is around 54 inches that work well with today’s mattresses that usually range between 22 to 29 inches in height, however, these mattresses are a problem with many antique beds that had lower headboard heights. They hide the beauty of the antique bed frame as the mattresses cover the headboard […]

4 Ways to Determine the Authenticity of Antique Furniture

By Antique Bed Mattress | October 25, 2019

Getting hands on antiques that are well documented is easy. But what about those that have no information? In today’s world, modern-day furniture craftsmen are doing an excellent job of cloning antique furniture. When you are looking at a piece of furniture and want to determine the authenticity, look for the following points: Inspect Back […]

5 things to know before you set foot in a custom mattress shop

By Antique Bed Mattress | September 30, 2019

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, have clearly never given custom-built mattresses a try. Nothing can put on a price on a good night’s sleep, but if the journey to your dreamland is rocky and uncomfortable, you might just end up having to battle a bad case of insomnia and back pain. The comfort and […]

4 Must-Follow Tips For the Maintenance of Antique Beds

By Antique Bed Mattress | September 26, 2019

Regular maintenance of furniture is essential to preserve their beauty for a long time. When you handle them with special care, old furniture like antique beds look as good as new but the maintenance techniques used for antique furniture are very different from the ones used for modern furniture. Consequently, to repair or maintain antique […]

Why Custom Mattresses will Always be Better Than Standard Mattresses?

By Antique Bed Mattress | September 24, 2019

Wake up in the morning and you hardly want to let go of your bed! We’ve all had days when we’d go through the day reminiscing our snug bed, the comfy plush mattress underneath feeling like melted butter under our stressed fatigued body. However, imagine if the same bed that beckons you early morning became […]