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How to select the right mattress for your antique bed frame?

If you’re anything like us, you too have a fine appreciation for all things vintage. From that spectacular heirloom sofa set to the snug-fit antique bed, your collection of vintage is really worth a jaw-drop. However, there’s a downside to being an antique-furniture lover. We are not talking about hefty maintenance or durability, but rather the seamless usage of it. Your antique bed deserves a tailor-fit mattress and the best quality antique mattress covers to follow it with. But, here’s the deal, finding a snug fit for your antique bed frame can be quite a “break a sweat” kind of feat.

Why are everyday mattresses bigger than the antique bed?

If you’re trying to jam in your regular bed mattress into the compact antique bed frame, let us tell you right away, it won’t be a comfortable experience. History dictates the habit of customization was more common in the bygone eras and chances are your great grandparents had this masterpiece bed tailored to their sizes. This is probably why your antique bed will only be snug and comfortable if you can custom make your mattress too. Luckily for that, you have us!

Choosing the right mattress for the antique frame

Needless to say, size comes first. Sizing up the right custom matters with some best quality antique mattress covers in tow covers the sizing dilemma. Now we move on to the type of mattresses and deciding how much mattress ‘tension’ is suitable for you. Gone are the days when people would crave for firmness. In fact, doctors have revealed how soft, plush and fluffy mattresses have a much better, therapeutic effect than the rigid, hard ones. So what option does that leave you with? Think organic cotton-makes, high-performance memory foams, firm innerspring with quilted covers to even out the excessive firmness or softness, etc.

Vintage Problems Need Vintage Solutions

Since customization was the way of life back then, almost every piece of antique furniture you own will have their own set of uniqueness that sets them apart. However, as an ardent lover of everything vintage, we admire your exquisite collection and hope custom mattress measured to perfection by us fits your antique frame as snugly as possible.

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