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4 Ways to Determine the Authenticity of Antique Furniture

Getting hands on antiques that are well documented is easy. But what about those that have no information? In today’s world, modern-day furniture craftsmen are doing an excellent job of cloning antique furniture. When you are looking at a piece of furniture and want to determine the authenticity, look for the following points:

Inspect Back and Bottom Surfaces

A closer look at the furniture gives away major clues on whether it is handmade or crafted using modern techniques. Presence of irregularities, rough surfaces, and tool marks at the bottom, back or inside of a piece of furniture evidently indicates no modern tools were used to give a perfect finish. Rough cuts and plane scrapes are some other obvious signs that the furniture you have is more than 150 years old.

Accessory Pieces Should Match Perfectly

As every piece of furniture was crafted individually in olden days. You would hardly find identical pieces of knobs, and spindles. If your furniture has indistinguishable accessories, modern tools were used to make them look alike. Handmade objects always look different, especially when craftsman tries to give them a round shape.

Examine Type of Wood

If oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany or other hardwood is used, it clearly suggests the made is approximately 150 years old or even more. Even the type of wood helps in determining the exact age of an antique. Furniture made of Oak was popular in 1700 or earlier years. Between 1700-1800, mahogany and walnut were ruling the world of furniture. After 1800 till 1900, cherry and maple wood became common.

Analyze Nails and Screws

Screws made of modern techniques have no place on furniture made in 1860 or earlier. You may find handmade nails in your antique piece of furniture though. If you look at it, you’d be able to tell whether your furniture belongs to 1800s or not.

Now you can inspect your furniture to determine whether it is antique or not. If you are looking for a mattress base for your antique bed, explore Antique Bed Mattress for custom mattresses.

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