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5 things to know before you set foot in a custom mattress shop

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, have clearly never given custom-built mattresses a try. Nothing can put on a price on a good night’s sleep, but if the journey to your dreamland is rocky and uncomfortable, you might just end up having to battle a bad case of insomnia and back pain. The comfort and snugness of your regal family-heirloom antique bed can be to die for, and if we are talking lumps, clumps, and misfits, we think it’s time you go for some much-needed customization. However, before you buy an antique full size mattress, here are 5 things you should keep in mind.

Research is key

Walking into a mattress store and pointing at the best visually acceptable mattress is definitely not the way to shop mattresses for your antique bed. Researching the mattress make, built, and type is essential before you even consider the mattress an option. If you look closely, you’d often see multiple types and sizes that the custom mattress industry offers. Spend some time studying catalogs and finding the right type.

The fit says it all

The hardest part about treating yourself to a custom-make mattress is to find the size that fits your bed like a puzzle piece. Before mattress shopping, make sure you measure your antique bed frame inch by inch with the outer borderline, the mattress fitting space, the desirable height you’re looking at more.

Ask questions

There’s a lot of things about a lot of things that we are still unaware of and if this is one of those things, we suggest calling up a trusted custom mattress company and having a quick chat about your queries. Precautions against bad decisions are made in this way. Ask away, get down to the details, ask them how or what they can do to help you get the right fit and feel.

A vintage frame, an intricately weaved rug, and a snug fluffy mattress are what regal bedrooms look like in our dream. If your keen eye for style masked in comfort sees potential in your vintage bed frame, you can transform your bedroom overnight just by adding a spectacular mattress to the mix.

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