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4 Must-Follow Tips For the Maintenance of Antique Beds

Regular maintenance of furniture is essential to preserve their beauty for a long time. When you handle them with special care, old furniture like antique beds look as good as new but the maintenance techniques used for antique furniture are very different from the ones used for modern furniture. Consequently, to repair or maintain antique beds using chemicals or adhesive, as you do for modern furniture, is an absolute no. Here are a few tips on how you could maintain your antique beds:

Using spray furniture cleaning products is a bad idea

It doesn’t matter how much spray cleaning products are advertised to be secure for antique furniture, never fall in the trap. Even when they claim to use lemon oil, don’t use it as it leaves a greasy residue. Though they bring shine, you have to preserve the patina.

Be Gentle while Removing Dust

Either use a soft cloth or vacuum cleaner with a nozzle having soft bristles. You can also use soft cotton cloth or cheesecloth to clean your antique bed gently. If wet cleaning is necessary, add a little amount of soft detergent to the water and use a soft cloth to wipe the bed. When you are done, immediately use another clean and dry cloth to avoid leaving it damp for a long time.

Keep constant temperature

When it comes to preserving antique furniture, you have to be extra cautious. During summertime, maintain 70-75 degrees temperature with a relative humidity of 55-65%. In winters, keep 70 degrees temperature with a relative humidity of 35-45%. Also, keep your antique bed away from direct sun rays.

Once in awhile use Beewax paste

Applying beeswax paste gives protection against moisture and pollutants. Make sure to not use circular motions during application and use only soft cloth.

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