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Custom Mattresses for Antique Beds

Antique Bed is a Texas-based company specializing in custom-made mattresses for antique beds, including three quarter mattresses. Antique Bed Mattress specializes in custom mattresses for antique beds, especially the 3/4 mattress. Each 3/4 bed is different and requires a custom size mattress. Antique Bed Mattress ships across the U.S., so we take special care to help the customer measure exactly, and we listen carefully to create the custom made mattress to match the antique bed size. Of all the antique bed sizes, the 3 4 mattress is the most common. Each antique mattress is made to order to fit the customer’s bed and budget.

"What a personalized pleasure it is in our world of automation to find a site that is completely custom, with a human voice behind it. Each bed is one of a kind, hand made, deserving the caring attention required to build a mattress perfect for it."

Custom made sheets, mattress pads, etc. are available at Dale will customize your bedding to match our custom mattress.

Another excellent site for custom sheets is Quality Time Custom Linens [].