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3/4 Mattress Company near Houston Texas focusing on antique mattresses including odd sized mattresses & iron bed mattresses

When I bought my antique bed, they told me it would take a standard full size mattress?

All antique beds use odd size mattresses and need to be measured individually.

I'm not sure how to measure for a custom made mattress?

Click on How to Measure your Bed
(It is always helpful to email us pictures of the inside corners and headboard.) We will contact you with any questions.

I'm not sure what the height of my mattress should be?

Click on How to Measure your Bed and read the section "Measuring the Height". If you’re still not sure, send us a picture of your headboard with a piece of masking tape marking where you think the mattress should come.

How will I know when my order has been shipped?

We will email you when your order has been picked up, your PRO Number (Roadway’s tracking number), and the EDD (Estimated Date of Delivery), along with your service center’s toll-free number.

Do you make 3/4 beds?

Yes, but a 3/4 bed is a general term for beds less than full. Beds were made individually before mass production, so the standardization was not set. Each 3/4 bed is unique; the size can vary a few inches. The general measurement for a 3/4 bed is 48 x 72. Most beds do not measure this 3/4 bed size; therefore, we recommend that you measure your bed individually.

How much is my Shipping Charge?

Since fuel charges fluctuate, we must quote each mattress individually. Please send us your address for a quote.

How much is the delivery charge for the Houston Area?

The charge is $75.

What is your mailing address?

P.O. Box 111 New Ulm, TX 78950-0111

Do you accept credit and debit cards?

Yes, we accept American Express, Discover, VISA, and MasterCard.

What is the delivery time for my mattress?

Turn-around time runs approximately 7-10 days for the Houston area and 2-3 weeks for out-of-state orders.

Do you accept commercial jobs? 

We make mattresses for:

Hotels / Motels -- Oil Platforms
Hospitals -- Bed and Breakfasts
Trucking Companies -- Model Homes
Dormitories --Institutions

For a competitive bids, contact us.

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Antique Bed Mattress image

Antique Bed Mattress image

Dear David,

Our mattress arrived the following week, Wed. Dec. 1. I just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with it! It is a perfect fit for the bed--just the right depth--and my daughter finds it very comfortable. Thank you for making it softer; any harder and she would have been unhappy with the results. I was hesitant to order from an unknown company over the web, but I am very pleased with the results. Thank you very much, excellent product.

Sweet Dreams 5

Susan Y.
W. Hartford, CT

Antique Bed Mattress image

Hi, David!

Thank you again for getting back to me so quickly. You have the BEST customer service! I'm even giving your information to an antique dealer in Virginia with whom I do a lot of business. The quote for the mattress set and shipping is perfect! Please go ahead with the order. Thanks so much, David! Once again, your quick and attentive service has exceeded my expectations! I wouldn't go anywhere else for mattresses!

Sweet Dreams 4

Sydney Y.
Lovettsville, VA

Antique Bed Mattress image

The beautiful mattresses arrived this afternoon, and they are perfect. The height is just right for sitting, and I’m sure I’ll be napping there some day soon. I have to figure out a cover that will take my 75 lb. dog and be waterproof. My daughter is coming to visit soon, and she will have a picnic picking out material for the covers. I do thank you and would love to meet you all some day. The longhorn steer caught my curiosity, and the pictures of Lily Ponds Cottage look very inviting. Thanks again for a job well done.

Sweet Dreams 1

Pat S
Atchison, KS